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IPTi Decision-support tool

IPTi Decision-Support Tool


We would like to thank all those who took the time to respond to our queries, especially those named below who provided a more detailed age-breakdown or individual-level data to enable these analyses. (Names given in brackets provided additional data that we were unable to include due to small sample sizes, overlap with other data or lack of other necessary information). We are grateful to the Scientific Co-ordination Committee of the MRC Laboratories (The Gambia), the Co-ordinating Committee of the Joint Malaria Programme (Tanzania) and to Konstantina Boutsika on behalf of MARA for additional data on the age-breakdown of parasite prevalence.

We are grateful to Simon Hay, Pete Gething and the Malaria Atlas Project team for their ongoing collaboration to improve the accuracy of the allocated intensities of malaria transmission. Thanks to Andrew Kirkpatrick, Dan Forys and Mark Stevenson for developing this web page.

Clinical malaria

Cameroon: Sarah Bonnet
Cote d'Ivoire: Marie Claire Henry
Gabon: Julian Gabor, Martin Grobusch, Peter Kremsner
Ghana: Kevin Baird, Daniel Chandramohan, Robbin Kobbe, Juergen May, Eleanor Riley, Jim Todd
Kenya: Peter McElroy
Mali: Alassane Dicko
Mozambique: Caterina Guinovart, (John Aponte)
Sao Tome: (D. Muller)
Senegal: Badara Cisse, Christophe Rogier, Jean-Francois Trape
Tanzania: Pedro Alonso, Chris Curtis, L. Henning, Andrew Kitua, John Lusingu, Caroline Maxwell
Uganda: Tamara Clark, Grant Dorsey

Hospital admissions with malaria

Angola: (Luis Bernadino)
Burkina Faso: Robert Guiguemde
Democratic Republic of Congo: Paul Mulumba
Gabon: (Julian Gabor, Martin Grobusch), Terrie Taylor (on behalf of Severe Malaria in African Children Network, SMAC)
Ghana: (Daniel Chandramohan), Frank Mockenhaupt, Terrie Taylor (on behalf of SMAC)
Kenya: (Jay Berkley, Penny Holding, Peter McElroy), Terrie Taylor (on behalf of SMAC)
Malawi: Terrie Taylor (on behalf of SMAC)
Mozambique: Quique Bassat, Lawrence Kazembe, Alan Schapira, Luis Varandas
Nigeria: (Dr Olanrewaju)
Senegal: Patrick Imbert
Sudan: Hayder Giha
Tanzania: (John Aponte), Hugh Reyburn
The Gambia: Muminatou Jallow (on behalf of MalariaGEN), Terrie Taylor (on behalf of SMAC), Michael van Hensbroek
Zambia: Phil Thuma, Janneke van Dijk

Malaria-diagnosed deaths

Burkina Faso: INDEPTH Network
Ghana: Fred Binka, INDEPTH Network, Saul Morris
Guinea Bissau: (Kare Molbak)
Kenya: INDEPTH Network
Mozambique: INDEPTH Network
Tanzania: INDEPTH Network